"Be Kind" Scholarship
Scholarship Press Release
Media Contact: Judith Verduzco
The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness (RCMHW) Launched the “Be Kind” Scholarship. RCMHW is looking for students who are passionate about the topic of mental health support and service.
Glendale, California: December 15, 2023 — The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness (RCMHW) announces the second annual release of its “Be Kind” Scholarship application for 2024. This scholarship program is aimed at supporting students passionate about providing mental health support within their respective fields of work (i.e., clinical, medical, film, science, etc.) 
The scholarship is open to current undergraduate students pursuing graduate studies or graduate-level students. RCMHW will award a total of up to $ 5,000 to be distributed amongst selected applicants.  
The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness believes that it takes a community of caring & dedicated individuals in varied fields to address the comprehensive mental health needs of this country. 
As such, we encourage all students who are committed to addressing the topic of mental health within their professional fields to apply.
In 2022, The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness was founded with the goal of bringing together members from all areas of our community and varied professional backgrounds to address the mental health crisis impacting our communities. Soon after its start, it launched the goal to create a scholarship to support the success of students who are working to continue supporting this topic.  
With the continued availability of the “Be Kind” Scholarship, RCMHW hopes to turn passion into action and invite students to work for the issues they believe in.
To apply, students must download and complete the scholarship application available on our website, www.rotary4mhw.org, and submit applications to mhrotary@gmail.com. 
Applications are due March 15, 2024.  The winner will be announced April 15, 2024.