District Membership Summit

Posted on Feb 18, 2023
Club members and membership chairs Erika and Claire attended todays District Membership Summit.
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"Be Kind" Scholarship

Posted on Jan 30, 2023

Glendale, California: February 1, 2023 — The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness (RCMHW) announces the launch of its “Be Kind” Scholarship for 2023. The new scholarship program is aimed at supporting students passionate about providing mental health support within their respective fields of work (i.e., clinical, medical, film, science, etc.) 


The scholarship is open to current undergraduate students pursuing graduate studies or graduate-level students. RCMHW will award a total of $5,000 in scholarships to be divided among five recipients. 


The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness believes that it takes a community of caring & dedicated individuals in varied fields to address the comprehensive mental health needs of this country. As such, we encourage all students committed to addressing the topic of mental health within their professional fields to apply.


In 2022, The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness was founded to bring together members from all areas of our community and varied professional backgrounds to address the mental health crisis impacting our communities. Soon after its inception, it launched the goal to create a scholarship to support the success of students working to continue supporting this topic.  


With its new “Be Kind” Scholarship, RCMHW hopes to turn passion into action and invite students to work for the issues they believe in.


To apply, students must download and complete the scholarship application available on our website: www.rotary4mhw.org, and submit applications to mhrotary@gmail.com. 


Applications are due March 15, 2023. The winner/s will be announced on April 15, 2023.

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Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Cause-Based Club

Posted on Jan 23, 2023

Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness Board of Directors: Tips for Starting and Maintaining a Cause-Based Club

  • Recruit a group of authentic and motivated leaders and members to spearhead the chartering of the club.  

  • Include all members in the decision-making process so that club members have a vested interest in the success of the club. 

  • Have a clear definition of the cause and know there may be many viewpoints about it.

  • Work from the heart.  

  • Expect that everything will NOT go perfectly and know that it's okay.

  • Remember to have fun.

  • Create a club “to do” list

  • Develop standardized structures, systems, flow charts, and board job descriptions to support the functioning of the club. 

  • Communication is key! 

  • Invite people you know to be members and then build-up on the fellowship. 

  •  "Every little bit helps." Don't be discouraged because you're busy. 

  • Delegating is a MUST.

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Posted on Jan 21, 2023
President-Elect Judy attending Pre-PETS with fellow PEs Diamond (Glendale Sunrise), Noel (Fighting Human Trafficking), and Kelvin (Environmental).
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Inspiring Kindness Talks 

Today, the Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness spread a wave of kindness throughout John Muir Elementary School in Glendale and Palm Crest Elementary in La Canada. Our fellow Rotarian, Alex Montoya shared inspiring words and stories on the importance of being kind to students from kindergarten to sixth grade. The power of positivity was in full effect! 💛
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Rotary District Brunch on Peace  and Sock Drive

Our club members, Grace, Patricia, and Judith attended the the District Sunday Brunch on Peace. The keynote speaker Mobolaji Olambiwonu Director/ Producer of the documentary Ferguson Rises gave a phenomenal presentation about his film and the superpower of empathy. Feeling inspired!
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Montrose Holiday Parade

Posted on Dec 03, 2022
Lots of holiday cheer at the annual Montrose Christmas Parade. A special thank you to our District Governor, Olivia Patterson Ryans, First Gentleman Robert, and Chief of Staff Alex Parajon from Glendale Sunrise Rotary for joining us on this special collaboration between the Sunland-Tujunga/ Shadow Hills Rotary and Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness.
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Zone Conference in Utah 

Posted on Nov 11, 2022
" We rise by lifting others." - UNK 🎉 Congratulations, Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness, for being recognized as New Club of the Year.  Time to celebrate this fantastic accomplishment! We are now on the map nationally and internationally. Here is a picture of our Charter President, Dr. Bella, and Rotary International President-Elect Gordon R. McInally. 
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Coping Kits Project for Child Burn Survivors

Posted on Oct 22, 2022
Our club members helped assemble 100 coping kits for child burn survivors. Our motto for the day was to have fun while doing good!

The coping kits will be distributed via the Children's Burn Foundation, a non-profit organization that heals child burn survivors and their families through comprehensive physical, financial, and emotional care. Burn injuries often require countless surgeries and procedures. Beyond physical healing, survivors need psychological support and emotional care to heal from their traumatic experiences fully. 
We hope that through our coping kits, child burn survivors will find comfort and hope in their healing journey. 
If you didn't get a chance to participate- That's OK. Stay tuned for our next coping kits project benefiting the senior community.
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Thoughtful Messages for Child Burn Survivors

Posted on Oct 22, 2022
Check out the beautiful and thoughtful messages of hope and healing provided by students in the Rotoract club at Torrance High School. Our members placed a custom card in all 100 coping kits that will be distributed to child burn survivors.
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NFL Alumni Battle of the Greens Charity Event

Today the Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness supported the NFL Alumni Association of Southern California in their annual Battle of the Greens Charity Event in support of Shelter 37, a nonprofit started by the current President, James Washington, a two-time Super Bowl Champion. Shelter 37 focuses on uplifting at-risk youth transitioning from foster care by providing financial literacy and life skills to help them achieve a successful future.
It was a blast! We got to volunteer for a great cause while networking with former NFL Players and other businesses. More importantly, we had fun! We thank our current Board Member and Club Administration/Public Image Chair, Grace Leung, for encouraging our club to participate in this great event.

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Inspiring Kindness at Paradise Canyon Elementary

Today, the Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness (RCMHW) piloted the Inspiring Kindness youth service project, a collaboration between RCMHW, other sponsoring Rotary Clubs, the Alex Montoya Foundation, and Schools/ Districts in communities within Rotary District 5280. 

This project aims to inspire hope, acceptance, and kindness for mental health & wellness amongst school-age children via educational presentations. Moreover, through this project, we hope to support schools in their commitment to independently set up and run student-led Kindness Clubs to cultivate an environment whereby kindness is expressed, encouraged, and enacted. 

Our fantastic fellow RCMHW Rotarian, renowned motivational speaker, and best-selling author, Alex Montoya, led the children of Paradise Canyon Elementary on an inspiring and engaging presentation about kindness. 

We hope to spread this project across our district's elementary, middle, and high schools. Please let us know if your club is interested in sponsoring a talk at one of your local schools. 

Check out some of the unforgettable moments captured today.
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Sweet (Suite) Cases for Foster Youth

Posted on Sep 10, 2022
Today the Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness dropped of some sweet cases at children’s court. The sweet cases will be distributed to foster youth via CASA Los Angeles program. Thank you Cindy for taking the lead on this amazing collab!
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Inglewood Unified School District School Supply Drive

Rotarians in action! 💪🏽 Our club helped gather school supplies for the Inglewood Unified School District in support of district 5280’s first service project of the year. Thank you, Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness, for inspiring hope in the students of Inglewood.

Inglewood Unified School District School Supply Drive 2022-08-14 07:00:00Z 0
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The Rotary Club of Mental Health & Wellness Votes for their Favorite Logo

Posted on Jun 28, 2022
Our club members are voting for their favorite club log. Check out the inspirations behind these beautiful digital images. 

Option #1: Butterfly

The butterfly effect and chaos theory inspired this beautiful butterfly-themed image. The idea is that a minute change in a complex system can have significant effects elsewhere. As Rotarians, we have the power to make small changes in ourselves and in our communities that can foster long-lasting, generational impact around the globe.

Option #2: Garden

The garden metaphor inspired this charming flower-themed image. Just like we tend to our gardens, we must tend to our mental health and wellbeing. The premise being, "what you focus on grows." A reminder to nurture your own personal garden by planting seeds of hope, cultivating healthy thoughts and habits, and inspiring others to do the same.

Option #3: Clock

This creative image was inspired by the rhythmic sound of a clock. Our minds and bodies operate like the rotary wheels of a clock. When our mind, body, spirit, and community are in rhythm, we function in our daily activities and move in harmony throughout our lives.

Option #4: Cairns

This unique image was inspired by cairns or neatly stacked rock formations you can often find along natural pathways. Cairns have been used since the beginning of time to set marks along various routes to help others find their ways. As Rotarians, we, too, have the power to carve the paths that lead to mental health and holistic wellness and leave our mark by helping others along their journeys.

Option #5: Revascularization

This simple but mighty image was inspired by the medical phenomenon of revascularization. Just like the heart has tremendous power to revascularize and regenerate during times of distress, so too does our mind. As individuals, we have the power to change how we perceive the world and react to it, creating a trickle effect in our lives and the lives of others.


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